“Quel est le jour du marché ?“
C’est LA question que l’on se pose en arrivant sur notre lieu de vacances, puisque le marché provençal est sans doute l’attraction la plus appréciée de nos visiteurs…

But what exactly are we looking for in the Provençal markets?

Beyond a perpetual tradition of a trade in fresh and healthy products, we come to look for an ambianceNoise, good humour, the scents of Provence, colourful stalls, lively terraces, all “proven” the southern accent, that’s the typical atmosphere of the Provençal market ! A real place to meet and exchange, it’s the meeting place with the population and regional producers.

The markets in the Drôme provençale are full of local products and local culinary specialities:

  • Nyons olives and olive oil: enjoy the Nyons market on Thursday !
  • Nougat de Montélimar : many nougat shops are waiting for you…
  • Picodon : around Dieulefit, several farms offer you to buy their cheese directly!
  • Petit-épeautre de Haute-Provence: find this cereal in the Baronnies…
  • Honey, garlic, baronnies apricots and many other sun-drenched fruits and vegetables.

In winter you will also sometimes find the famous black truffle!

Strolling around the Provençal markets is also the pleasure of listening to the merchants tell us the story of their products grown in sustainable agriculture. Here farmers have always worked with respect for the land. The Provençal Drôme is also titled 1st organic department of France, in terms of the number of producers and agricultural areas used. A delight for visiting epicureans!

For each municipality, the market is a charming place where you can come with pleasure. Are you also a fan of the Provençal markets during your holidays?

Click here, this list of markets in Drôme Provençale should please you 😉

Our favorite: the Nyons market

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful markets in the region, warm atmosphere guaranteed, it is an unmissable stopover under the summer sun !

Authentic market that stretches from the arcades to the small streets of old Nyons. We find all the charm of Provence as we imagine it, olives, spices, lavender in all its forms, pottery and fabrics and many other unmissable products!

Caution… sometimes you have to park a little far away !

Nyons has two markets, the traditional one takes place on Thursdays, and every Sunday in summer, the Provençal market takes place