Le Poët-Laval

Le Poët-Laval : Listed as "one of the most beautiful villages of France " with its castle, the chapel of St Jean-des-Commandeurs, the Commandery, streets and alleys, the Callée, Centers Yvon Morin, Museum of the Dauphiné Protestantism, ...


The city hall and the school is to Gougne, new center creates at the foot of the village. The history(story) becomes confused with that of St Jean's hospital worker of Jerusalem. A Provençal peak: perched medieval Village classified " One of the most beautiful village of France "
Situated in the South of the Drôme, Poët-Laval is the memory absolved from all the beauties, a kind of perched high Versailles-sur-abîme.
The legend says that there is always a ray of sunshine on this village the light of which is the most beautiful in autumn when days become round in the mornings and of evenings...
We visit castle (XIIth century) Knights of Malta restored supervised by a french national architect, classified 4th castle of the Drôme, streets and alleys, the callée, the chapel St Jean-des-Commandeurs there, center Raymond Du Puy, Museum


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