Have you ever noticed? When you see a perched village, you feel naturally attracted. As if the old stones had a seductive power, and titillated our curiosity…
We want to discover the history of these authentic villages that have preserved their souls over the centuries.

Visit our perched villages: medieval atmosphere guaranteed !

Most of the perched villages of the Drôme Provençale are fortified and date from the Middle Ages, 11th and 12th centuries. They are typical of Provence. Built on modest heights, but sufficient, it made it possible to see and be seen. For a long time, historians have attributed this fact to the need to defend oneself. Today, it is also suggested that local lords simply sought to gather the population to better enjoy certain monopolies: mill, oven….

You will quickly be amazed by the typical architecture of these villages with their medieval atmosphere, where the old stones allow us to go back to ancient times often forgotten. Many municipalities take advantage of the beautiful setting of stones they have to organize, of friendly festivals and events and sometimes medieval to stay in harmony with their environment !

How good it is to stroll through these well living villages : walk along the calades these famous cobbled and sloping streets, observe the preserved and renovated facades, admire exceptional views, enjoy a lively square, discover an art gallery or a craft workshop, immerse yourself in the ambiance of people’s lives here… It is a real pleasure to walk there! We don’t regret stopping there.

Perched villages rewarded:

  • Montbrun-les-Bains built on the Ventoux fortifications
  • La Garde-Adhémar coiled around the church of Saint-Michel, a jewel of Romanesque art
  • The Poet-Laval founded by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem

The “Plus Beaux Détours de France” label also recognizes the quality of the heritage and the affirmed identity of the small town of Nyons.


Good to know:

Sometimes, it is possible to drive in the heart of the village but we prefer to warn you: the alleys are narrow and the access complicated. Enjoy the nearby parking lot!

Villages perched in the Drôme Provençale: