It is necessary to cross the Rhône, direction Bourg-St-Andéol to go to the Caverne du Pont d’Arc, one of the highlights of Ardèche tourism. You will be amazed by the realistic reproduction of the drawings made on the walls of the cavities. Artists have used ancient techniques such as pigments and charcoal to redraw bears, cave lions, rhinos, mammoths, deer, horses and the footprint of the man with the twisted little finger.

Pont d’Arc Cavern  ? Chauvet Cave ?

The Chauvet cave, which bears the name of one of its 3 inventors, is the real cave discovered in 1994, it dates back 36,000 years. For its conservation, it remains closed to the public. The cave we visit is the Cavern of Pont d’Arc, the replica of the Grotte Chauvet. Its identical creation was a successful bet: it’s amazing!

We find the atmosphere of a cave: freshness, humidity and darkness as well as paintings, engravings, bones, prints made with details and at real size, we would think we were there!

The Chauvet Cave, which contains a formidable cultural treasure, has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

©Patrick Aventurier - Caverne du Pont d'Arc

©Patrick Aventurier - Caverne du Pont d'Arc

Visit the Pont d’Arc Cave ?

The site is made up of five poles: the Cave, the Aurignaciens gallery, the educational pole, the temporary exhibition space and the restoration pole. Allow 3 hours to visit the entire site.

The guided tour of the cave lasts 50 minutes. The progression is done on a footbridge and the visitor discovers, in the same order as in the Grotte Chauvet, the main elements. Groups follow one another and on busy days if you hang around too much on the details of the frescoes you will be informed 😉

Remember to book in advance and on the Internet, it is not mandatory but highly recommended!

The conditions of the visit are much better off-season….

The Aurignacians’ gallery can be visited through a fun and interactive museum trail that will please children and adults, where you will discover the environment of the men and women who lived on the territory of the Cave 36,000 years ago.

Unique in its design and size The Cavern of Pont-d’Arc is the largest replica of an ornate cave in the world !


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