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Drôme provençale

It is impossible to resist the charm of this region: the Drôme Provençale! Those who discover it for the first time are quickly captivated by the authenticity of the landscapes and white stone villages, typical of southeastern France. Those who already know it do not get tired of it: "it is our little corner of paradise", they often say... Then it is true love: "every year we make new discoveries... It is a magnificent region, with bewitching scents, with pleasant people, magical places, and far from the crowd, preserved rivers where we like to swim!"

Montélimar and surrounds

Located in the heart of southeastern France, Montélimar is at the gateway to Provence, where you can see the first lavender fields: only 2 hours from Lyon and Marseille. Neighbouring the Ardèche, the Camargue and Avignon, the Capital of Nougat is located in the Drôme Provençale. Between city and countryside, Montélimar is a must for holidaymakers!

Drome South Provence

Drôme Sud Provence is that part of the territory of the Drôme Provençale that you have probably already crossed without knowing it: either from the A7 motorway or the National 7. Located between Montélimar and Avignon, less than an hour by car from the Pont du Gard, the Caverne du Pont d'Arc, and the Palais des Papes in Avignon, you are at the gateway to Provence.

Baronnies in Drome Provencale

Born from the encounter of Provence with the mountains, the Baronnies provençales offer a territory to which all nature lovers are sensitive. We come here for the quality of life: attracted by the south, the heat, the olive trees, the cicadas and the lavender! Between the Vercors to the north and Mont Ventoux to the south, the territory of the Baronnies is located to the east of the Drôme Provençale and includes the municipalities of : Nyons, Rémuzat, Montbrun-les-Bains and Buis-les-Baronnies.

The Dieulefit-Bourdeaux area

30 km east of Montélimar, in a setting of green hills, lies the Dieulefit-Bourdeaux region. Surrounded by medium mountains, this destination is at the gateway to the Baronnies Provençales Regional Nature Park. You are also very close to the Saou forest, one of the most beautiful forests in the Drôme, with its 12 km boat-shaped basin.

The Grignan-Enclave des Papes area

30 km from Montélimar in the Drôme Provençale, the Pays de Grignan borders the enclave of the Popes. The two are linked by their history and have inherited a rich heritage dating back to the 12th and 14th centuries. The particularity of the enclave of the Popes is to be a piece of territory belonging to the Vaucluse but enclosed in the Drôme!

The Oule and Roanne Valleys

The Oule and the Roanne are two rivers and two valleys that follow each other. The two valleys are located between the Vercors and Mont Ventoux: in the northeastern part of the Provençal Drôme between the Diois and the Baronnies. The landscapes are changing.... You are in the middle of the mountains and benefit from exceptional sunshine!


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Saison du Théâtre du Rond Point

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Over here, the truffle menus!

During the truffle season, which generally extends from November to March, you can taste this famous mushroom in different restaurants in the Drôme Provençale. There are two ways to book your truffle menu with confidence, consult the list of restaurants marked “Truffe Emotion” (brand developed by the Office de Tourisme du Pays de Grignan – […]

Traditional festivals around olive oil

It is almost the season of olive harvesting in the Baronnies. Collected from December to March, tench is this variety of olive that announces its maturity as soon as small wrinkles appear on its black skin. During the harvest, 3 traditional festivals celebrate the arrival of olives and new oil: Fête de l’olive piquée – […]

Visit a mill or olive farm during the olive harvest

During the olive harvest which takes place from December to March in the Baronnies, many mills offer visits and open their doors: Lou Viei Moulin d’oli – Buis les baronnies Mill Chameil – Mirabel-aux-Baronnies Ferme des Tuilières – Nyons Huilerie Richard – Nyons Dozol Autrand oil mill – Nyons Moulin Ramade – Nyons Vignolis – […]

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