51st Regional Natural Park of France, the Baronnies Provençales Natural Park was created in 2014. Located between the Drôme and the Hautes-Alpes, at the crossroads of Alpine and Provençal influences, the territory of the Park benefits from a tortuous landscape of medium mountains with a Mediterranean climate. A preserved area, far from major roads, where nature dominates with its exceptional flora and fauna, impregnated with the presence of the men and women who have made the most of it.

Walking in the Provençal Baronnies Regional Natural Park is letting your senses guide you: taste, smell, hear, see and touch! 

Taste quality local products !

The Baronnies Regional Nature Park offers a very diversified and recognized agriculture: 6 Appellations of Controlled Origin and 7 geographical indications Protected throughout the territory. Here you will have to taste without respite the wines, the olives and the olive oil (the Tench), the lime tree, the picodon, the apricot, the cherry, the lamb, the lavender, the herbs of Provence… Objective in a few years: 30% of the farms will be certified in organic farming agriculture

Avis aux gourmands :

The Park also has two “Regional Natural Products”:

  • the fougasse of the Baronnies (it contains black olives of Nyons, picodon and nuts)
  • the “Baronnies of the 4 seasons” (a cake whose fruit filling changes over the seasons).

What if we took the time to get active in the Provençal Baronnies?

Here the scenery is made up of stones and minerals that connect the perched villages with gorges, the dry stone terracesman-made, limestone mountains dotted with lavender fields and orchards. These remarkable landscapes (2000 plant species and 203 protected animal species) offer an ideal playground for lovers of nature and thrills:

Hiking: pedestrian, equestrian, VTT and cyclo, not a km² without pathway !

If we left for a few days?

GRP® Tour des Baronnies (120km)

GRP® Tour du Pays de Dieulefit (100km)

Or a little family day?

Au fil de l’Eygues, a 30km long gentle water route between St-Maurice-sur-Eygues and Sahune.

Paragaragliding: there are many take-off areas for paragliders (the Laragne-Chabre site on the Hautes-Alpes side is known worldwide for its exceptional thermal currents), many professionals are at your disposal to help you discover paragliding and our mountain landscapes. In complete safety, these approved structures will immerse you in a world of freedom and escape.

L’Escalade: 1,500 equipped routes and internationally renowned sites (Orpierre and Buis-les-Baronnies) and exceptional sites.

Sensation lovers !

Le Pas de l’Echelle, located at the foot of the Chalancon rock, before the creation of the road, this passage was used to join, thanks to a ladder, the Oule valley and the Roanne valley (650m, travel time from 1h15 to 1h45).

La Via ferrata du Saint-Julien, one of the most beautiful via ferrata in Europe, on the northern face of the Saint-Julien, 3 routes or more than 1700m of via, initiation route adapted to children and beginners adults.

Unusual: discovering the nocturnal heritage !

Away from major cities, the night sky of the Park is compared to the darkness of that of Chile, the world reference for astronomers. At night, it is also a time to listen and share the lives of bats, owls, owls and insects.

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