30 km east of Montélimar, in a setting of green hills, lies the Dieulefit-Bourdeaux region. Surrounded by medium mountains, this destination is at the gateway to the Baronnies Provençales Regional Nature Park. You are also very close to the Saou forest, one of the most beautiful forests in the Drôme, with its 12 km boat-shaped basin.

The Dieulefit Bourdeaux region is famous for its pure and dry air. With good sunshine in winter, and rarely a heat wave in summer, the environment is particularly suitable for airway treatment. People come here from the middle age to regain their health and even today medical homes still welcome curists all year round.

In this region of the Drôme Provençale, the landscapes change: it is hilly! We can see the first olive groves there.

It is also the country of the pottery and crafts, an ancestral tradition that dates back to the Gallo-Roman era. Today, a quarantine group of potters continue this long tradition with talent. You can admire the creations of these many artists who open the doors of their workshops. It is also in Dieulefit that there are exposures and training in the pottery and ceramic trades.

Dieulefit has obtained the “Ville et métiers d’art” label

and the country of Dieulefit-Bourdeaux the label “Dieulefit Original” !

What to do at Dieulefit?

Heritage: village visits

The Dieulefit-Bourdeaux region is made up of 21 villages, with a rich heritage that testifies to a past steeped in history. At the top of the hills as well as around the alleys, we discover ruins of fortresses, Romanesque chapels, small knights’ mansions Hospitaliers or humble residences. Almost every village has both a Protestant temple and a church.

Sport: outdoor activities

With friends or family, a wide choice of marked trails, GR de Pays, Huguenot trail to discover! Hiking, mountain biking, equestrian activities, orienteering sports area, free flight, climbing, tourist sports facilities for leisure and disability, everything is an invitation to discover the discovery of the territory.

©Midi 26

©Midi 26

Good tourism

The speciality of the Dieulefit-Bourdeaux region is the Picodon, goat cheese, classified AOC Drôme-Ardèche, with a designation “Dieulefit method” whose particularity is a more strong taste, obtained by a longer maturation, interspersed with washing. Here you will also find on the markets and at the producers’ premises all the agricultural productions and specialities that make the richness of the Drôme Provençale so rich.